Illustrateyourself gallery


IllustrateYourself Gallery was one of the first major initiatives of the IllustrateYourLife Creative Agency. The Gallery was founded in 2003. Its main goal was artists promotion. It offered free, on-line portfolios to selected illustrators, graphic designers, painters, comic book artists from all over the world. During its 13 years of existence IY Gallery introduced nearly 300 international talents. The Gallery has closed its doors in December 2016


IllustrateYourself Gallery website had over 200 portfolios representing various styles and techniques. The portfolios included 9 artworks, and a short information about the artist: place of birth, place of residence, education, main interests, exhibitions/ achievements, and art related work history.
The website played a role of an art guide, providing information and reports from the latest creative events and exhibitions. Every month an artist was selected for a special interview and encouraged to create an original self-portrait.



Artist of the Month